Air conditioners and heaters that don’t require you to feed them wood in order to work are two of the greatest inventions that we have in our homes. As time has gone on, these systems have gotten more efficient and easier to maintain while also generating the cool and warm temperatures our ancestors could only dream of. However, there are still some issues that come up from time to time with your HVAC system that require your attention. Knowing when you can take care of these problems yourself and when should you call a professional HVAC technician is essential and we’re here to help you know the difference.

In these blogs, the professionals at Tom Schaefer Plumbing in Eastlake are here to go over some common HVAC questions. We’ll offer some tips to help you take care of your AC unit or furnace on your own as well as offer some clues about when it is time to call in the pros.

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When to Change Your Air Filter

Because most of us don’t come into contact with the air filter in our central air system on a regular basis, we tend to forget that it is there until something happens that makes us wonder just how long it has been since we replaced it.

Most systems suggest that you replace the air filter once every six months. You might need to do so more often if you have a lot of animals in your house or if you live in particularly dry and dusty or humid climates. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, it is recommended that you change the filter more often and to use special filters that are designed to trap even more common allergens than the regular filters do.

If you have a hard time remembering when you last changed filters, try adding a sticker to your calendar on the day you changed it and another sticker six months from now. The sticker should remind you to make sure you have and use a new filter around the time when you should change it. If you don’t have a regular paper calendar, set a reminder in your phone. To make sure you don’t just blow the reminder off, set several of them leading up to the day you should change it. This can be helpful if you don’t have a spare filter already waiting at your house as it gives you a chance to pick up a new one.

Come back next time for more hints and tips about taking care of your HVAC system! If you know that your AC unit needs service, repair, or replacement now, please give Tom Schaefer Plumbing a call today. We’re here to help the residents of Eastlake and the surrounding area feel more comfortable at home and at work!