In the first part of this blog series, we discussed some common causes of air conditioner leakage, including a damaged overflow pan. In this entry, we will go into more depth about this relatively common issue. If your air conditioner isn’t working as well as you’d like or it has stopped working altogether, give us a call at Tom Schaefer Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Eastlake. Our professional plumbers and HVAC techs have years of experience and the training necessary to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix problems both big and small.

Check Your Vents

While you are still inside, check the vents that run throughout your home. The best way to do this is to get into the crawlspace or attic where you can see the vents coming from the unit. Look for large, obvious holes, cracks, and dents. If there are no obvious areas where your cold air could be escaping, check the edges with your hands to see if you feel air. Even small, hairline cracks in your vents can cause a surprising loss of cold air coming into your home. There are metal tapes and fillers that you can use to fix this kind of damage, but with larger holes, you may need to have those damaged sections replaced.

Check the Condensate Pump

For air conditioning systems that have the main unit inside, there is a pump that sucks the water generated by the condenser up and out of your home. If the condensate pump breaks, it could cause a leak. Contact us if you think that the pump may be broken.

Check the Outdoor Unit

If you have central air, the main unit for your air conditioning system is probably outside. There are many factors that could be causing a leak or inefficient air conditioning, so check out the entire unit to ensure that you aren’t missing any possible problems.

The Area Surrounding Your Air Conditioner

We’re no stranger to crazy weather around here, so it’s entirely possible that strong winds and hail may have damaged your air conditioner. While the outer cover does offer some protection, downed trees, rocks, and other debris can punch through the enclosure and damage the components inside. If there is a lot of debris around the unit, clear it out, and then check that the cover is undamaged. If there are leaves and dirt stuck in the vents of the enclosure, gently remove them with a hose or compressed air.

Inside the AC Unit

Inside of the enclosure are all of the parts of your air conditioner. Check that none of them are obviously damaged. If you notice where the leak is coming from, see if it is caused by something that is easily fixed. If you aren’t sure, give a professional HVAC company a call.

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