There’s no hiding from it, Ohio winters aren’t easy. But, winter is usually the time of year that everyone associates with being cozy, tucked away in their home with fuzzy pets and fuzzy slippers and blankets. In fact, there’s few who think fondly of winter and reminisce about the biting cold, the winds or the snow accumulation that everyone loves wiping off of their windshield. There’s always one chink in that chain though, as folks tend to forget that heating a house in the Ohio wintertime is no easy feat. It can become expensive quickly, especially if you have a big house or if we’re having really inclimate weather. So what should you do to stay cozy and warm during the winter so you aren’t too subjected to the winter blues, but you don’t break your bank account either? There’s a couple of things you could try. 

Look For Drafts

Older homes with old windows and doors are known to be a bit drafty. It’s not just you that notices the cold prickle on your skin either, your thermostat catches that drop in temperature too and works to erase the cold air and fill those spaces back up with hot air. Unfortunately, that often means you end up “heating the outside” as the cracks and creases around your door frames and windows can’t be forced to stop their assault on your warm home environment. In fact, it’s been calculated that the average homeowner can save up to 30 percent on energy costs by covering up and replacing drafty windows and doors. You can cover these cracks in the facade of your heated bubble with something as simple as a rolled-up towel shoved firmly against the frame of the door or window. But you can also invest in things like plastic insulation along the cracks as well that make it easy to keep your warm air inside, instead of leaking out. 

Turn Down The Heat

We know it’s not the most comfortable, but turning down the heat in your home can do wonders for your energy bill. Even notching it down by only one degree on the thermostat for at least 8 hours can cut your heating bill by 1 percent. That seems like a small difference, but when that’s a daily occurrence, that builds up quickly. You can accomplish this easily and without upsetting the comfort of your home by turning down the temperature at night and when everyone is at work. Besides, humans sleep better when it’s cold anyway. 

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats know when you’re out of the house and when you’re sleeping. They also know if you’re trying to cut down on your energy bill (it’s as simple as changing a setting). Thus, investing in a smart thermostat can make a world of difference if you’re trying to keep your energy bill down to a minimum. This is perfect for folks who are afraid they won’t remember to turn down the heat before bed or before they leave for work. They can control and keep track of your needs in temperature 24/7 and are guaranteed to generate the most savings for your heating during the winter.

Make Your heater More Efficient With Tom Schaefer Plumbing in Eastlake

Another great way to save money on heating during the winter is to ensure that your heater doesn’t need a repair or some maintenance. Keeping your heater in good shape and giving it the attention it needs means it won’t be using excess energy and ringing up your energy bill despite your best efforts to conserve heat. Reach out to us at Tom Schaefer Plumbing to schedule an appointment for your heater. We can run a couple of tests and help you make sure it’s running properly and without delays that will affect your wallet. Schedule with us today.