There are few things as frustrating as a toilet that won’t work the way it should. In this blog entry, and the next, we will look at a few common toilet problems that you might run into at some point in your life. While most of these can be fixed by following a few simple steps, others can be more complicated. For those times when things are too complicated or you just don’t have the time to take care of them yourself, call Tom Schaefer Plumbing in Eastlake. We have the knowledge and experience to solve all of your plumbing issues, as well as any heating or cooling problems that your home or business might have.

Silent Toilet Leaks

If you’ve noticed that your monthly water bill has steadily climbed over the last few months and you’ve taken steps to make sure you aren’t wasting water anywhere, you might have a silent toilet leak. A silent toilet leak is exactly as it sounds, and that’s why they can be so difficult to recognize unless you know what to look for. If you think this might be the reason why your water bill keeps ticking upwards every month, there are a few simple ways to check for silent toilet leaks.

The most simple way to check for a silent leak is to use a leak detection tablet. Essentially a pill made out of food coloring, a leak detection tablet will show you if your toilet tank is leaking. To use one, first flush the toilet and let it refill all the way. Then, drop the tablet into the tank and wait for at least ten minutes. When you come back check the bowl If there is colored water, you have a silent toilet leak.

This is usually a pretty simple fix: just replace the flush valve. The flush valve, sometimes called a flapper, is the plug that covers the hole that transfers the water in the tank down into the bowl when it is flushed. Sometimes these rubber flush valves can warp or deteriorate with age and when that happens they stop forming a perfect seal, which is when water starts silently leaking downwards into the bowl. By replacing the flush valve you’re helping your toilet stay friendly on the environment and on your wallet.

Toilet Won’t Flush

There are several reasons why your toilet might not flush. One of the most common causes is that the chain that connects the handle to the chain the pulls up the flush valve has either fallen off or because the length of the chain is incorrect due to a water height issue. If the chain has fallen off, simply reconnect it to the end of the assembly that connects to the handle. If the chain is connected and it won’t flush, tighten the chain by a few lengths and see if that works.

If these tips don’t fix your plumbing problems, call us at Tom Schaefer Plumbing and we can come out and take a look. With our attention to detail, we can find the cause of any issue and then work to fix it.